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MAAVILAI™ is an initiative to disseminate architecture knowledge in Thamizh. We intend not only to reach out to architects, engineers and allied professionals—but also to people in general if they wish to learn about architecture.

As a collective, we intend to promote regional, sustainable, affordable architecture, and incentivise people through our blogs and magazines to adopt contextual buildings.


Kaushik Shrinivas

Architect. Founder of MAAVILAI. A witty and humorous person who also happens to be a digital artist. The one who ensures the show keeps running.

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Arivukkarasi Manivannan

Architect. Poet. Budding translator. A girl with truly magical hands and mind. Has the knack of making words flow seamlessly from her pen.

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Aravind Manoharan

Civil engineer. Heritage architecture enthusiast. Has a passion for exploring, learning and sharing to people the untapped potential of regional architecture.

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Architect. Entertainer of the group, who lightens up the mood of any conversation. The designer in him knows exactly how to make ordinary things extraordinary.

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Bharath Raju

Civil engineer. Heritage architecture enthusiast. Has a passion towards art and technology. Has a knack to create eye captivating handicrafts.

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Nisha Sathiyaseelan

Architect. Poet. Doodle Artist. MAAVILAI’s multi talented ‘kuyil’ who loves exploring different mediums of art. Loves to travel, capture and ink along the way.

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Rizwan Khan

Architect. Sustainable architecture enthusiast. An active team player and a versatile thinker who comes up with out of the box ideas.

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S. Manivannan

Engineer (Retd.) BHEL, Trichy. Orator & Writer. Optimistic thinker. A 60-year young explorer who strives to encourage new ideas that come along his way.



9/24, Vegavathi Street, Rajaji Nagar, Villivakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600049

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